About Us


Established in 2000, Akhras Est is specialized in cleaning & disinfection field in Syria (Aleppo – Damascus ) through marketing high quality detergents & disinfectants .
It is considered one of the most leading establishments in infection control & hygiene care .
Today , principal activity of our innovative teamwork is to market the products for the Clinics,Hospitals,Pharmacies,Hotels,Resturants,Laundries,Food industries,pualtries and meet valued customers needs .
Now we represent several companies such as (Lorito ,Lysoform, Filatem ) .
The field of each company is as per the following :
(Lysoform - German company ) for disinfectants & health care products used in medical centers , hospitals and clinics.
( Filatem - Turkish company ) for food factories -general cleaning- laundry and kitchen hygiene .
(Otto oehme Lorito - German company ) for sanitizers ,detergents and cleaning equipment for hotels ,hospitals ,restaurants and houses .
Akhras Est always works to develop the marketing process to perform an advance in Syrian markets.



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